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Show Notes

Chef Daniel Doherty set for OnBlackheath (©DavidCotsworth)

Chef Daniel Doherty set for OnBlackheath (©DavidCotsworth)

Campaign: Save the Food Tech A-level

Food Teachers are campaigning to save the Food Technology A-Level. Another half-cocked decision that should be re-considered. You can support their campaign on Twitter @FoodTCentre and use the hashtag #savefoodtechAlevel.

You can read the consultation paper here (Food tech on page 17) & respond before 24 September 2015.

Oh, and this is the consequence when a generation of schoolchildren are starved of any cooking skills in class (pun intended):

If you're not familiar with The Waterside Inn, just check out this video of a dish being dressed on at the pass. There's more of a rounded profile of this seminal restaurant on YouTube here.

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