Podcasting: like talking to the wall

Finally. My first podcast is out there in the wild.

Getting it done was something that has been on my mind for months. As I listened to some podcasts while out running, I began to realise what a compelling medium it is, and one that I might enjoy working on.  

Getting together with my brother, we looked at various possibilities and started to record some bits and pieces. In planning some episodes and put together an awesome idea for a series, but life got in the way and we shelved the idea. For now, at least.

"Real Artists Ship" - Steve Jobs

"Real Artists Ship" - Steve Jobs

As weeks went by, I never let go of the idea and decided that perhaps I should just record something and get it out there - even at the risk of it being a bit shitty! Steve Jobs put it best when he said: "Real Artists Ship". What he meant by that was that ideas without shipping remain just that; ideas. I had to turn the idea into a reality.  

So here we are with Episode 1 in the wild. Recording it in one take, I felt like I was talking to the wall. My prep amounted to looking up a few stories from the last week or so and just glancing at those as I spoke. To keep the whole thing fluid and natural, I avoided any kind of script, so hopefully it's not too vague sounding. It will get better.

To be fair, radio hosts are practiced enough to sound like they are talking just to you the listener. But even they had to start somewhere. Perhaps I need these early episodes of talking to the wall to hone my style and craft my technique. In time, this will develop into what it is meant to become.

For now though, it's over to you. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts - especially if you agree or disagree with my views; or if have any ideas for future topics.

Without further ado, I give you Kilroy, in conversation. Enjoy.