Your success is their success.

The reason for that previous piece, was from a recent chat with a friend who was pencilled in for a one-to-one with their line manager to discuss 'future plans and career aspirations'.* 

Enthusiastically, they told me they were going to mention that after three or four years in their current position they were getting restless and felt ready for that promotion. Playing devil's advocate, I pushed back and asked what role would that be? 

After a few minutes of head scratching, came the slow realisation they were going into this meeting without any objective, outcome or clear plan in mind on how they would move to that next level. What a scary thought.

All to often, I have met people who sleepwalk through a "career" by taking each day as it comes and only living in the moment. Or they under-value themselves and simply don't actually ask for that promotion. Or are too proud to take on that Mentor. Or too lazy to reach out and offer their help. Or too shy to network. BALLS!

Your career is too important to leave to others to decide for you. Or worse, to be ignored completely. You're worth way more than that.

* Bonus tip: EVERY meeting with your line minager should be around your 'future plans and career aspirations'. Whether it's the project you're working on, or those boring budgets or even an informal catch-up over coffee - just remember, your success is their success.

Give your career the goals and health check it deserves.

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