The rear view mirror is not the whole picture.

A couple of years ago a lecturer on the MBA course at Cranfield University asked me in an interview to take him backwards through my career so that he could understand the motivation of each decision I made.

Two years on, and I still think to myself; was he serious?!

Talk me backwards through your last dinner date and tell me your motivation in choosing that particular dessert. Was it the contrasting flavours from the main course choice? Texture perhaps? Or - and I'm going out on a limb here - no particular reason at all? Because maybe all you wanted to do was spend a few more minutes looking into the eyes of your significant other.

That lecturer was never going to find out what makes me tick by reversing backwards down my CV. If he really wanted to know the motivation behind each decision then let's break it down logically. There's a reason cars have lots more gears for forward than they have for reverse.

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