Beating hunger with fund-raisin' cookies.

Today I am feeling very proud for some of my Leadership Academy colleagues who are seeing the results of their course project come to fruition in a very bold and rewarding way.  By sharing the story of Miriam's plight of starvation (pictured right) , they galvanised BaxterStorey and HolroydHowe to get behind a giant cookie sale to raise thousands of pounds for Action Against Hunger to coincide with today being World Food Day.

Using ingredients sponsored by food supplier Brakes, our chefs across the UK have been busy baking cookies for sale, while the service teams have been raising awareness out front of our initiative to help the hungry on World Food Day

To further encourage staff to show their support, we have been invited to donate an hour of our salary through a salary-sacrifice scheme set up through payroll. I personally like this initiative as it has given me the option to donate without buying loads of cookies, as I continue my endeavour to cut out sugar from my diet.

It is hoped that about £40,000 will be raised through cookie sales all over the UK. That's an astounding result for a team of talented managers on a training course and I applaud their entrepreneurship and ambition.

In a separate initiative which ties in nicely on World Food Day, UNICEF UK have started a hashtag campaign on social media called #emptyplate where you share a photo of your empty plate before eating to help raise awareness. It certainly made me stop on think about how lucky I am just as I was about to pour out my muesli this morning.

Here are some actions for you today that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE:

  • If you are lucky enough to have our BaxterStorey or HolroydHowe chefs cooking your lunch today, then please buy a cookie for 75p - all of which goes to helping the hungry.

  • Share a photo of your empty plate on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #emptyplate. Also add in the following suggested text so your followers can share the message. "Not every child will get the  they need today. Join me and speak out about child malnutrition. Snap an #emptyplate #WFD2013"

Together we can make a difference.

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