The small matter of 900 guests. And Sir Edmund.

10 years ago, at 7:30pm on this day, my team were serving canapes and drinks to 900 guests at the British Embassy in Kathmandu. The occasion was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sir Edmund's amazing feat. There were about 500 Everest Summiteers in attendance and it was being covered by the BBC, CNN and National Geographic. 

Meeting Sir Edmund in private and away from the throng was for me a huge honour and something I will always look back on as a highlight in my life. He was very gracious, especially considering his 82 years and not feeling too well due to his hectic travel schedule. I said a funny line, we shared a laugh and he happily tucked into my Miniature Fish and Chips. A rare treat in a place like Kathmandu.

For this reason, the 29th of May is always a special day for me, but as today is the 60th Anniversary of that achievement - or 'Everest Day' in Nepal - it is even more special than usual.

Sir Edmund Hilary on the 50th Anniversary of his first summit of Everest at the British Embassy, Kathmandu.