Twelve Days Inn

12 days in, here's what I think:

Don't give up the booze because...
... you want to lose weight. (Although you will.)
... you want to save money. (Although you will.)
... you want to 'turn over a new leaf'. (What's wrong with the old one?)
... alcohol is 'evil'. (It isn't.)
... it's the 'right thing to do'. (According to whom?)
... your partner or spouse 'has given it up'. (Make your own mind up)
All of these are short-sighted goals that you can summarily reason against as you cave to that temptation.

But DO give up the booze (or reach out for help) if...
... it is a negative impact on your life.
... it is a negative impact on your friendships and relationships.
... it is making you ill.
... it is tempting you into serious crime.
... It is putting people in danger.
... It is putting your livelihood in danger.
... its effect alters your personality for the worse.
If you answer 'Yes' - an honest Yes - to any ONE of these, then you need to seriously consider your position.

But if your answer is 'No' to ALL of these (which is a good thing), it begs the question:
Is there a truly long-term positive reason for you to give up the booze?
Yes there is and it is profoundly simple:

To tap into all the energy, creativity and positivity that floods BACK into your life which alcohol has been draining out of you all along.

This is the real reason why I am enjoying my sabbatical for the time being.