New Year Revolution

Give up drinking (for a while). This will save me money, help lose weight and give me the energy to do more productive things in my life. (I have an end-date in mind, but I will only tempt fate by telling you.)

Lose 20lbs by the time we travel to Kathmandu in August so I can look my tailor in the eye without embarrassment as he measures me for a new suit.

Become an eBay Seller: Again to earn some money, but mostly to clear the unwanted clutter in our lives. (Come to think of it...Grab a great gift by visiting kilroyskorner now.)

Write a Blog. This has been on my mind for at east three years and finally I have the courage to commit my thoughts and opinions to the World Wide Web. Who knows what doors it may open?

Clear the Debts: We have done well in this area since the recession came home to roost, but just once I want to wake up and not have that man from the not-very-helpful bank looming in the forefront of my thoughts.

Be the Linchpin at work. This is the motivator that gets me through the long days and nights that lay ahead when stress abounds and energy runs low. Read Seth Godin’s truly inspiring book on the subject. For me it was a game changer.

An ambitious list perhaps. But here’s the thing: each commitment is easier to achieve if all the others are in place. A fitter, healthier me produces better work, increasing the likelihood of bigger opportunities which together with the blog/eBay funds and lifestyle savings could help to clear the debts.

Writing a list is easy. Shipping it - that means delivering every single day - is where the real work begins. What's on your list?

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